Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Last Entrant?

It's believed that the very first Knockouts Champion is getting set to return within the next month or so. Now, it isn't the re-signing of Gail Kim I was talking about when I predicted the signing of a bombshell name, but someone else entirely. While, I'm still waiting on confirmation, I can say won't be disappointed. A lot of time goes into the negotiations and contracts of new talents as well as making sure the investment is worth the time taken.

Don't expect a debut at Bound for Glory, but then again, don't count it out entirely. I'm putting my money on a debut at Final Resolution or in the weeks leading up to it. My case has already been made about TNA's love of bringing people in while there is a lull in sports events and prime time TV specials in the winter months.

There is one more thing I'd like to cover before I wrap up for this column....

There are critics of the Bound for Glory Series who say it was booked poorly and, to be fair, it had some flaws. I can explain, at least partially, why things were done the way they were. As the tourney was getting underway, the whole idea was to scout a potential champion, whilst prepping the World Heavyweight Champion for face off against him. Over the course of the months that followed, it became clear that management didn't want to put the streak of Crimson up against Angle, who ruined the one previously held by Samoa Joe. That put him out of the running and coming up with a story to do that would be done nicely with Joe.

It all makes sense IF you are willing to turn a few rocks and see what's underneath. They didn't want Steiner, RVD, Ray, Devon, or even Pope because they didn't think it wouldn't be a believable victory. For a time, it was Matt Morgan on the docket to receive his push and then when he got injured, it was time to use their newfound problem solver, Joe. He has effectively put a cap on the entire thing and has saved the writing staff over at TNA a LOT of hours of meetings. For that, in my opinion, he should be rewarded. The point TNA has made in the recent past is if you haven't been following the product, we'll only educate you once or twice per year. So much for the critics who don't follow wonder they have a problem.

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