Thursday, October 13, 2011

Missing Identities....

My rants have been many these past months and more than a few have surrounded the loss of the 6 Sided Ring....and today is only marginally different. My understanding of the way things are right now is that this piece of TNA's identity isn't gone forever and the one time thing wasn't it. I'm now under the impression there are plans of bringing it back as a staple, just as it was before. My question to explore for today isn't IF it'll be back, but rather WHEN and HOW....

The WHEN....if I were TNA right now, I'd be running my fingers through the mail bags and seeing just what kind of fans we've got, whether loyal to the product no matter what or to what TNA used to be but no longer is. Since Hogan and Bischoff are signed on for another 2 years, it seems safe to assume there will be some kind of compromise. While I can promise you, we're looking at after Bound for Glory, I can't promise how long after. Since I am a betting man, however, I'd put my money on either Final Resolution or Genesis.

As for the HOW? While the official end of Immortal is in sight, I'm guessing there is one more hurdle needing to be overcome....Immortal's fail safe, shall I say. If everything goes wrong, this, that and the other thing happens. But then again....I may be completely off base and everything goes back to normal beginning the week after Bound for Glory.

Whatever the case, in the interview I posted a number of weeks ago here, Jeff Jarrett was pressured by the reporter to comment on this very ring and his words were that there is a battle not even on the radar who really knows?

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