Friday, October 28, 2011

Naming Names......

In the scenario I introduced yesterday, I used a current storyline from TNA's main event level. I will ultimately reveal names and put it all together, but for now, I'd like to talk about a match that has been building since Bound for Glory.....Jarrett vs. Hardy.

I don't know if anyone is dreading this feud more than I am. The last time Hardy and Jarrett feuded, it was in Hardy's first TNA run and he was completely buried by Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett sold absolutely none of the offense Hardy put up in the ladder match that culminated their little feud and it was that that turned me off to the Jeff Jarrett character in the end. Cockiness I can handle; edginess I can handle; but no selling and completely disarming another competitor isn't right and guys like Rhino and Raven paid dearly in their own feuds with the "King of the Mountain".

This column wasn't intended to be a Jarrett bash, but his heel character does nothing but pollute. I have high hopes that Jeff Hardy has enough fan support to put him over the top despite the opponent in the other corner. Given the new direction of the company and the building of him as THE guy to center the new top tier around, I believe this feud to be the gateway to a fresh set of faces to pit him up against. If Matt Morgan were to turn heel the way he did when he held the tag team gold with Hernandez, Jeff would be facing one of the best heel personas in the past few years and at the perfect time in his career as well.

I say push him past Jarrett quickly and into the upper-midcard to begin his ascent to the top, bringing Morgan and Crimson with him, to join Storm, Roode and the last TNA original to rejoin the top tier for another shot at gold.

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