Monday, October 24, 2011

No Looking Back.....

There are some within TNA's top brass who have doubts about the World Title reign of James Storm, believing him to be too southern to make a believable champion. To this, I have a question to ask.....has anyone ever heard of Stone Cold Steve Austin? I believe they call him the Texas Rattlesnake. Now, I realize that James Storm is no Steve Austin, but the fact that they gave him the belt despite the fans' and backroom's advice and demands tells me they should SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING WITH IT NOW THAT THEY'VE GOT IT!!!

WOW.....that feels better. Robert Roode was THE guy, but Hogan had other ideas and that is what put James Storm on top. My thoughts are very concrete on this matter. Storm may not be what the fans wanted, but he is what they've brought to the table and not doing something good would be wasting and, ultimately, burying a good talent who could do some real good for the credibility of the title as well as the entertainment value of the show.

To those who say James Storm doesn't make sense. Think back a few weeks to when Storm and Angle had their last match. In a very respectable match on Impact, Storm came just so close beating him. When Sting put the match together, in a storyline sense, he would have known that Angle in a doubly weakened state would have difficulty beating a competitor like James Storm and would ultimately be defeated.

In news relating to Hulk Hogan, there is talk of another match in his future between him, Flair, Bischoff, and Bischoff's son, potentially going down at Lockdown. Let me assure all of you, this match is doomed to failure. I, for one, wanted Sting to be the end of his in ring career. There is nothing left to prove. In my opinion, if they want to make a match like that happen, put Garrett in the ring vs. his father with a no DQ stipulation and presto, you have a throwaway match that won't completely wreck the card. I believe that a match like that should NOT clog a card of the magnitude of Lockdown. Against All Odds, Final Resolution, or even Genesis would do just fine. The fans want to see the precious time put into the product being fed to the TALENTS, not the authority figures and referees.

I've been talking about divisions being given time to make their respective titles mean something....this kind of thing goes against that and, while WWE's fans have little interest in wrestling as much as shallow thought storylines, TNA's fans won't sit idly by and remain quiet.

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