Monday, October 3, 2011

nWo Revisited.....

Hell in a Cell was back this year. I'll never understand why they insist on calling it Hell in a Cell when only two matches even take place inside the cage, but I digress. SO....of those two matches inside the cage, only one is of ANY interest to me....the main event. Say what you want, Smackdown's big match of the night was a squash, doesn't count, and you knew who was going to win before the bell was rung.

Having said all that, the Miz and Truth returned, which just goes to show....they have absolutely no clue what they're doing backstage. So the cage lowers again after the match and John Cena re-enters where the cage covers. Now, Miz and Truth are following Cena inside and they beat down everything with a pulse inside. Okay, let me think about this a sec....

That's right, looking at the signs.....two wrestlers no longer under contract come in and start trouble and act as outsiders.....where have I seen that before? nWo. Kevin Nash being behind the scenes pulling strings to lower the cage would make some sense. Why do I bring this all up? I'm glad you asked. With Immortal about to die off, it seems that on the heels of a pair of their own factions, namely the Corre and Nexus, they need to put another one together. TNA is just coming out of a 2 year long faction war and now WWE is looking to try something similar. I do have one thought....what if WWE's plan is to take their top face and turn him heel? AND why do yet another faction war when the first one fizzled out. In fact, I have no idea when the factions disbanded officially.

I'm thinking either Survivor Series or shortly thereafter will reveal Cena as the third man on the active roster. WWE won't learn that timing is everything. They know how to do this because they've been here before. They're bleeding money and they know it. I will say this, though, if they can capitalize on this and make the right turns in the right places, this could go somewhere....the road out of PG.

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