Saturday, October 8, 2011

Old Ideas Become New....

Last Monday night on RAW, the world saw the WWE locker room walk out on Triple H. Most of the current WWE audience wouldn't know that the walk out threat has been made before. Would you believe that it involved someone who is believed to be taking Trips' role as COO in the coming weeks? If you'll allow me to set the scene....

In weeks leading up to the segment below, Mick Foley had been getting underneath the skin of the management, namely HHH and Stephanie. In response, they used the power trip and booked him in must win matches with his career on the line, where he eventually lost and was fired......

Now this is only half of the segment, but you get the idea.  This angle was run 12 years ago and has been brought out of mothballs to try on a new audience with a spin. Since most of the audience now wasn't even born when this happened, it stands to reason that it'll work since it's new to them. I don't blame them for fact, I hope it works for them.

The thing is, in order to get new need to have pressure. Necessity is the mother of invention and during the Monday Night Wars, WWF invented characters they thrived for YEARS off of....up until last year, when PG decided to stick it's head in where it didn't belong. It was that kind of thing that made WWF great, the need to stay in the game (no pun intended). Fact is, whether Vince cares to admit it or not, fans control his fate. A simple decision to watch Monday Night Football instead of RAW would put his empire on notice...maybe even throw his product into a tailspin.

My point? 15 years ago, people wanted to see something with more edge, more substance, more meat as it were; and they were treated to WCW, who shook things up until WWF decided to fight. Now, with soap opera writers and a group of people who are catering to kids at the expense of the long time WWF/E fans who've been watching upwards of 6 years...they have become complacent and lazy, booking the same top talents month after month on PPV and night after night on their programs. When is enough enough?

I have taken the liberty of convincing two friends of mine to go to Bound for Glory in the theater about half an hour away. It does remind me, however, that many people won't have any idea where it's playing near your neck of the woods. My apologies to all you ladies and gents overseas as I have no clue where you go for your viewing pleasure of BFG. I have done the rest of you a service and provided a link to the page where you can check your theater AND buy tickets're welcome.

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