Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One More Countdown.....

In 4 days, TNA and Direct Auto Insurance Presents......BOUND FOR GLORY. Yep. I'm feeling it. With the whirlwind chaos that WWE is in right now, seems to me some of the E's elite need a break. Come on folks....pull up a chair and cross the line....

This time, I'd like to take some time and ask a few questions.....who knows? Maybe I'll answer a few of them.

- How long should the next TNA Title reign last?
- How many competitors after BFG until Genesis will be repeat competitors for the belt?
- Who should fall on that list?
- If Dixie Carter takes over the company once again, where does that leave Hogan and Bischoff?

Before I run out of space to answer ANY of these questions, let me toss out answers to the easy ones.

1. The TNA Title reign should last AT LEAST 2 months. IF they deem someone worthy of holding the belt, it shouldn't change hands until December.

2. In my opinion, there needs to be at least one more repeat competitor for the title just to give the run some credibility. While I don't believe it necessary to make every holder of the belt to be new, I believe that even the competition over the belt should feel new from month to month. My thoughts are Jeff Hardy will be in the hunt before year's end once more, but my hunch is we may even be looking at Genesis before the Enigma finally reclaims the prize, if TNA can play things easy and let it build a bit more.

The last 2 answers aren't terribly difficult, but they require more time and space than I am prepared to expend in one post. SO....I shall give the first of two now....

3. The top three front runners, in my eyes are the three competing head to head to head at Bound for Glory.....Crimson, Matt Morgan, and Joe. If there was a time Morgan was more ready to do some more heavy lifting, I am struggling to think of one.

 Crimson's streak has yet to be snapped, which leads me to question who should be the one to put the streak on ice? I know for fact that Bischoff has been in talks and there are definite feelers being sent from both sides to see if an agreement can be reached. My belief is that this rogue won't bow to Vince's new PG playground for kiddies, which leaves him to set foot on new ground. Why not Goldberg? Both he and Samoa Joe know a thing or two about streaks. Tickets to a show featuring Joe, Crimson, and Goldberg would sell faster than raffle to win Velvet Sky's phone number.....okay, maybe not that fast....but you get my point. Even a few years ago, Goldberg looked like a beast and, from what I'm told, he hasn't missed a step. He's been feeling the itch and he wants to give it one more run. The war is over and the smoke has cleared, but there are still a few legends left to bring in the new crop. Joe and Crimson could benefit GREATLY from a money feud like that. Even if neither comes out the victor, few left can say they got the shot to step into the ring with Goldberg.....and were able to walk out on their own power.

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  1. awesome classic video, I want Goldberg back!