Sunday, October 23, 2011

Please Read Instructions.....

In "Free T-Shirts?" I gave the address for your free Bound for Glory t-shirt. The instructions for this offer were quite simple......send a PHOTOCOPY of your ticket stub to said address along with the size of the t-shirt you are requesting. The shirt should arrive within 10 business days of your request.

NOW, you don't think I would put something down as simple as that and not have something else on standby, do you? With the loss of Beer Money in sights and the feud between Roode and Storm on the horizon, it seems to me that things are looking up for the world title picture. Roode, Storm, and Crimson and Morgan circling like sharks and Joe at least looking like a dangerous contender as well. This is how I pictured things looking a month back.

Would anyone like to put WWE's GM and Impact's GM to a contest? Yeah, I thought not. Sting is quite possibly the best face GM I have seen so far, though Teddy Long a few years back was pretty good as well.

While TNA's story is getting clearer by the week, WWE's and RAW in particular, seem to get more and more hazy and confusing. Can anyone tell me why that might be? Could it possibly be that the writers have no clue what works in a wrestling environment? Why might THAT be? Perhaps those people have only written for soap operas previously. The defense rests, your honor.

While Sting and the merry band of faces on the roster are showing themselves more clearly, Bischoff and company seem to be lying in wait for just long enough for a decent Turning Point.

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