Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ratings.....Is it Hogan?

Over the course of the last nearly 2 years, the television ratings haven't changed much. NOW....some of my column writing, critique giving, advice mongering cohorts.....sorry....colleagues seem to believe that either TNA or Hogan are the problem with the way people perceive the product. I believe I can make the case that neither one is the problem AND both are.....have I got your attention?

This is all my opinion, mind you, so do take this for what it's worth. To fully do this thing justice, we've got to go back to December of 2009. Oh yeah, I do mean to go back that far. At about the time Hogan was announced, there were some pretty good elements happening and once he came on board officially, things began to change. At Genesis, the 6 Sided Ring left without so much as an explanation...FAULT: Hogan

World Elite was disbanded and Eric Young was brought into The Band. The Band imploded within 6 month's time and Eric Young was back to his cartoonish self....FAULT: TNA

The depushing of Desmond Wolfe, Hernandez, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, Daniels, and AJ Styles....FAULT: BOTH; TNA wrote each guy out of their respective pushes, but Hogan supported his favorites.

Need I go on? I believe I do....with all the negative press out there about what he's done to the TNA product, I don't think enough has been said about his work promoting the product in the media runs and appearances and even though the ratings have been somewhat lacking, I think Impact Wrestling is still the better show than anything WWE has been putting out and it is getting better.

I get the feeling from so many critics of the product that the 6 Sided Ring decision was the deal breaker. I mean, it was a piece of TNA's identity....right? Well....I happen to agree. That sin must be answered for and I believe a one time shot at Destination X just wasn't enough to satisfy me. The era of 6 Sides goes back almost 8 years, guys. I know I've got a lot of you reading this who want to see TNA bring back that piece and you'd actually start actively telling people Hogan made the right choice for the company for once if it was brought back. My suggestion?

TELL THEM!!! Write it on their Facebook page, write it to their website. I've done it....nothing yet, but with more voices, this thing could come back in ANY way. Let them know that there are still fans of TNA out there who want their ring back.

Where a promotion's identity is...THAT'S where the ratings are. THAT'S where WWF was. They were Attitude, now they are Absent. Total Nonstop Action became Total Nonstop Acting in the months following Hogan's arrival, but the good news is that it's gotten better and will only continue to improve....of that I am certain once the smoke clears.

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