Wednesday, October 26, 2011


If you've ever wondered how I am able to write more than one post in a day or how I come up with some of the things I write about, look no further than the "wrestling fan" writing a column about how screwed up the business is and how it should go back to a time when Kane wore a mask, Ken Shamrock was a wrestler, ECW was independent, and Vince held the WWF together. Now, I happen to believe the product was good back then, BUT I can accept that things are different now and some of the things that worked then just wouldn't work now. I get that, hence my suggestions go as more of a hybrid of then and now.

My gripe today is about a blog colleague criticizing the Bischoff family feud on Impact. His claims are that the high profile should be given to the current champion and getting him over whilst building up the title hunt for those in line. While I can't dispute that the championship hunt is important, I would like to rewind a decade and some change back to Wrestlemania X-7. Can anyone tell me one of the high profile matches on that card? Well, well, well, is that Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon in a street fight? "That's too old and can't be brought into it."

Fine. Let's fast forward to October of 2003, No Mercy, to be precise. I see a pretty lackluster card with, wait.....I see an "I Quit" match between Vince McMahon McMahon. Is my point becoming clear yet? Amongst WWE marks, the double standards fly liberally and they clearly forget all the times Vince McMahon has put a family feud in the highest tiers on his WWE programming.

I'm not saying that the remarks are without merit, though I believe that some grace be extended to a young and experimental product, still finding its legs as a world power. Many have criticized TNA's decision making in storyline and their direction, but most don't give them credit where it's due in their ability to garner support worldwide as well as move as far as they have in less than a decade. Yes, they need to put the focus on the World Title, but that is being done and in a progressive manner. Let's put the cap on the comments and let things take shape before putting criticisms on it just yet.

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