Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Silver Linings.....

So Hogan, Bischoff and the crew are around for awhile longer. The more I think about it, the better it sounds to me. Before you roast me like a witch at the trials of Salem, let me explain. The past year has gotten MUCH better than it was last year. I now can sit through Impact without wincing. The angles seem more fresh and better planned out. The crew is coming out on the road more often and I'm told that will continue and then some. As the year comes closer to finish, it looks more and more likely that TNA will come closer to RAW in TV ratings as theirs haven't changed much in the past weeks, while RAW has been floundering against NFL games. Great teams vs. terrible teams; terrible teams vs. terrible really doesn't matter. WWE is bleeding.

Bischoff and Hogan have, this year, put more into the product than I could have hoped for. A few things remain, but I'm coming around more and more as some of the players are solidifying their spots in the company and becoming who they need to be in order to keep TNA moving. If the Bound for Glory Series is here to stay, which I hope it is, it will be a throwback to the King of the Ring and will draw in a few more Attitude Era fans, by my own reckoning. If I were Dixie Carter, I would put a bit of pressure on her managers to put more matches into the tapings card in order to get more talents out there for the fans to care about. A 4 match card is subpar and 25 minutes of wrestling on a show where 'Wrestling Matters' simply will not convince the more avid fan of the brand.

A few years ago, TNA put on a great feud with Awesome Kong and Gail Kim, leading to a main event on Impact and put the Knockouts Division on the map. A return to emphasis on their two biggest ratings draws would be smart. Knockouts and X Divisions. Main events there would make the lower card guys feel like they've got an important place on the roster. Same goes for the Knockouts. I would love to see those guys and gals put on a 15-20 minute clinic on Impact some week. Hogan, guys have the stroke to make that happen....give it to the fans.....

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