Thursday, October 27, 2011


If you don't want to read spoilers, please turn back now. This is the only warning that will be given....if you've made your decision to stay....follow me....

At the latest TNA tapings, the event I predicted a week back, happened. Beer Money is no more. Bobby Roode, who tonight faces Samoa Joe and wins the number 1 contendership, turned on his long time partner during the championship match. At the finish, he hit James Storm with a beer bottle and stole a victory and, incidentally, the World Heavyweight Title.

I'm of two minds on this matter. On one side, TNA has doctored a decision made at Bound for Glory, so I'm glad Roode has the belt. On the other, James Storm held the belt for only two weeks, making it a very hollow first run. The way this was done wasn't quite right, but I can accept it for a couple of reasons.

Eric Bischoff and Bruce Pritchard have put together a compelling heel turn here. Aside from the World Title changing hands on free TV argument WWE marks will inevitably use to criticize TNA, Bobby Roode turning heel is something I saw coming two weeks ago, so I believe it makes sense. Even though James Storm could have had his run until Turning Point, where they could have capitalized on the feud and made it last into the winter months, there is still a way to weave this into a profoundly good story.

Make the championship bout between Storm and Roode for Turning Point and give the victory to Bobby Roode, ending any rematch clause angle. I believe putting James Storm into a title chase might deepen an already good character. In fact, this might be the feud that puts TNA ahead on the year, provided they don't lose focus and put anything higher on the card. In the days leading up to Turning Point, this will only get better, raising the stakes higher each month and making the title look like a million bucks.

If the top brass use this little opening to bring in Chris Harris and the America's Most Wanted team back, it could bring Team Canada back as well, creating a very nice Lockdown match for the coming year. Look for this feud at or near the top of the PWI Feud of the Year me on this.

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