Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The State of TNA Address.....

To all of you who love the product, I say to you that things are going to change...again. With Dixie right back in charge, it'll be nice to see how things transpire. But that isn't what I'm looking to talk about now....I want to talk about how the PPV has faired by my estimation.

I've been to a great number of websites and read columns from over 20 different columnists and all have said the same thing.....the ending was wrong. Roode should be holding the title right now. TNA will have to answer for this with those fans, but not to me. I'm okay with Bobby Roode chasing the belt for one more month. There may yet be a way to solve this for the fans so opposed to the decision they want out, but TNA needs to do this quick. Capitalizing on the heat is something WWE is no longer capable of doing, but TNA is young enough to know when they've pissed people off.

How is TNA doing right now? Unless Hogan and Bischoff collaborate to do some damage control, I believe we may fall witness to some serious backlash. The week of tapings will settle some of the hard feelings, but not dropping the belt will be something big in the months to come. Count on that. What I believe is really not terribly important, all things considered, but a lot of people believe that the months of build to make Roode look like a top tier talent was wasted. Even though I think he IS top tier and has some genuine momentum going into Impact this week, I do agree something needs to be done....as for what?

Angle needs time away to get himself right for his competitions for 2012. Him dropping the belt to Roode on Impact by admitting that he cheated may satiate some viewers, but I doubt the feelings would be totally changed about Sunday. HOWEVER, if Roode were given the title and told that Angle would return to challenge at a later time might give fans a bit more to chew on. The three I's Angle used to use as a motto could very well come into the story....integrity being the operative word.

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