Thursday, October 20, 2011

TNA's Best Defense.....

In the war of words between the WWE marks and TNA marks, it seems almost necessary now that Bobby Roode is now being used as ammunition, to remind WWE's minions of the position they themselves are standing in.

Right now, John Laurinaitis is the acting General Manager of RAW while Triple H is what? Active wrestler? COO?

Three weeks ago, CM Punk wanted Triple H on a silver platter to beat on and now they are teaming as if they'd been friends the whole year? Really?

What did the walkout of RAW personnel do to further anything on WWE programming?

Where do Miz and R-Truth fit in now that they've been re-instated by Laurinaitis?

Does WWE care about ANYTHING other than the Rock returning in a few weeks?

Did I mention that the Muppets are hosting RAW next week?

Why does John Cena get ANOTHER title shot? In the past year, he has either held the belt or been in contention for it EVERY MONTH since Wrestlemania!

There have been five real contenders for the big belts since Wrestlemania: John Cena, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Christian, and now Mark Henry. All have been in rotation for 6 months.....

TNA's story is not without error either......

Bobby Roode SHOULD be champion right now. In a twist of storyline, however, I take at least some solace in knowing a TNA original is keeping the belt warm. James Storm may not be my first choice as a standby, but he'll do in a heartbeat.

Hogan shouldn't be in front of camera anymore as he was thwarted by Sting, but I take some comfort in knowing he's plugging the show like mad on ESPN and other outlets.

Eric Bischoff has been running damage control since Spike fired TNA's strongest supporter with the network and has, for now, managed to keep TNA in the clear for the foreseeable future.

The returns and debuts of talent are easier made when said talents make a face debut, but Gail Kim has broken the tradition, making something a bit different right from the start. I still want Karen Jarrett FIRED!!!! But I'm willing to concede provided there are people surrounding her to such a degree that she doesn't have to be seen every week.

There has been some upheaval since Bound for Glory, but the backlash has been tolerable and more welcome, I must say, than the COMPLETE chaos running amok in WWE as they are rendering RAW virtually unwatchable.

WWE would be in a better position now than TNA if they had kept their personnel under lock and key and not gone to the children when their parents are the ones with money. Another lesson in Survival Tactix........complete.

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