Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When He Said......

Ummm.....so news is a fickle thing and, apparently, so are legends. Sources are now saying Hulk Hogan has signed some kind of agreement with TNA. There is absolutely NO details as to what this means just yet, but rest assured, it will NOT include any more ring work, if the rumors are true. If I had to take a stab at it, I'd say he's slated to sign over the company to Dixie once the festivities are over and that wouldn't even take place in ring, but rather in office as a backstage segment.

Now, before I get all kinds of distressed fans telling me how crappy this thing is and that Hogan is a liar and all that kind of stuff, keep in mind that this might only be for promotion of the product or backstage work or advisory consultant stuff. THERE ARE NO DETAILS YET! Withhold all judgements until we know a bit more. I promise, I'll keep you guys updated. My hunch is that there's one someone Hogan wants to bring in and we won't be disappointed. I think of how many people would jump at the chance to work for a promotion if Hulk Hogan called. Not many people can say they've had that happen.

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