Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whose TNA?

With Hulk Hogan looking to end his run in TNA on a high note, a question occurs to me....who takes over the reins of TNA? Even a victory at Bound for Glory doesn't convince me he'll stick around once the festivities have ended, high note or not. The logical first choice is to assume Sting takes the win and becomes the new face of management....right? I wouldn't be so sure.

The story I've been hearing is that even though Hogan's contract expires, no talk has been aimed with certainty at Eric Bischoff. One can say what they want to about Bischoff, but a vast majority of the people I have been talking to believe him to be Monday Night RAW's greatest General Manager. He has the smarts outside of the ring as well as understanding how to operate a company the size of the TNA fanbase. He may leave as some are suggesting, but what will the landscape look like once he takes over? Will the heel persona I loved to see stick around or will he be the off camera personality helping with creative and coaching the younger talents about promos and how best to present themselves?

If Sting decides not to relinquish the reins to Dixie as the storyline has suggested....what then? Where does this lead TNA's product? So many questions swirl around the kettle as the one of the main events of the PPV takes center stage. If he wins and does give the company back to the president, does she choose a suitable replacement or does she command the company herself with the guidance of an aide? Dixie has historically stayed out of the limelight of TNA's ring center. The authority figures of the past few years have been great, particularly under Jim Cornette and Larry Zbyszko.

I would like to offer this scenario. About 3 years ago, TNA management went into talks with another promoter. His history was paved in moderate success and he even worked for WWE for a time, just like Bischoff. Maybe you've heard of him; his name was Paul Heyman. When talks fell through, they stemmed from his restart plan. His solution for TNA? Fire everyone over the age of 35. Let's say he did come in and Bischoff convinced him to alter his plan. Put Heyman in charge of creative and have Bischoff and Heyman work as a collaborative effort.

The question of who controls the company once the smoke has cleared makes the final match of the card and the month's worth of Impact shows afterward worth the wait.

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