Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why Not Be Roode?

For those who have no desire to read spoilers, please forego reading this until after this week's Impact.......

I am still unclear as to why TNA has it in their minds to not put Bobby Roode in the driver's seat, but after this week's tapings, I am simply speechless. With Sting as the Voice of Authority named by Dixie Carter, James Storm was slotted to not only face Angle on Impact, but go over for the title. My question is why? Perhaps there is a reason upon further analysis, so let's dig deeper.....

- James Storm gave Angle a run for his money (no pun intended) a couple of weeks before Bound for Glory, but that wouldn't give him number one contendership....would it?

- James Storm was the runner up in the Bound for Glory Series, then? Nope. That would have been Bully Ray.

- James Storm won more matches during the Bound for Glory Series, then right? Nope. That would have been Crimson.

I'm still at a loss. Unless the number one contender was injured, put under suspension, or otherwise unable to compete, Bobby Roode should have been able to exercise a rematch clause.....unless I'm mistaken. Whatever the reason, I'm disappointed in TNA's lack of faith in a man who put on a true wrestling clinic at Bound for Glory....and more accurately, in Hulk Hogan, who reports suggest, lobbied to see Angle retain.

You can bet I'll keep you all updated as to the situation behind Bobby Roode's newest hurdle, but for now, things are beginning to look bad for Hogan and his hand in the decision making process.

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  1. During the segment that announced the Storm match Kurt Angle said that Immortal had him write a "no rematch against Kurt Angle" clause into the contract for Robert Roode should Roode lose.

    I think it shows that they've actually thought this through a little more than we may have been giving them credit for - That said, whether they had a Storm in mind or not they should definitely have pulled the trigger on Roode at Bound For Glory!