Friday, October 7, 2011

The WWE formula....

About 10 years ago, WWE put together a formula, a tried and true method for getting fans to watch RAW and Smackdown! where the opening sequence would pretty much tell the people what they were in for for the next 2 hours. The whole thing was pretty much set that answers would be given out and, at the end of the show, there were just enough answers not given to carry over until the next week. It made the show easy to follow and kept the storylines crisp and clean with very little to explain. Vince had his lackeys helping him oversee the show he was not physically on site to view. While most often that show was Smackdown!, every once in a while during the reign of Eric Bischoff, who was the greatest General Manager RAW ever had...yeah I said it....Bruce Pritchard served as the overseer, seeing to it that all the knots were tied down and such.

With his expertise and the 22 years of service to one Vince McMahon, his new position as the head writer for TNA may give us something that feels kinda like Monday Night RAW from that timespan. Not going to lie, those were some good days, with HBK's return in '02, the first elimination chamber in the same year, the rise of Evolution....good days indeed. Having a heel GM was a good idea and Bischoff played the part perfectly. Having that kind of personality forces the faces on that brand to turn up the volume on their characters. It makes for more distinctive personalities. It makes heel characters not have to work so hard to get over.

SO....what do we have to look forward to? With the Knockouts, Tag Team, and X Divisions as trump cards, you have a hybrid capable of doing things WWE can no longer succeed.

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