Thursday, November 10, 2011

200.....Another Beginning....Tag Team Edition

I told you there would be some SERIOUS talk to be had, so this column will be much longer, but rest assured, we'll get it all said. So without further tag team partner holds the keys to The Fighting Truth, the one and only MMA blog site I have a link to here. I'll leave him to the introductions.

TFC:  Hello Everyone, I am TheFightingCripple or TFC. I run my own MMA/Pro Wrestling website at So, if you want the news in the world of Mixed Martial Arts I would love it if you stopped by. I have been a professional wrestling fan since I was two or three years old and I occasionally write about what is going on in that world as well. I am a jack of all trades I guess. I want to thank Tactix for the opportunity to collaborate with him. Well, there is alot to cover so lets jump right in.....

With the debut of Epico, should the WWE take Epico, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio and start building a luchedor stable? If so, what should it look like?

Tactix: WWE, in my opinion, has very little idea how to put together a latino faction without making it look like a joke. My best example is the Mexicools. Super Crazy, Psycosis, and Juventud Guerrera were too talented to be subjected to that and WWE knew it. Nevertheless, week after week, they came out riding lawn mowers and before I knew it, they had all been released.

TFC: One of the most interesting potential storylines that I would love to see WWE run with is the relationship between Epico and Sin Cara. Epico is such a Lucha Libre sounding name that I believe the storyline needs to be that he used to wear a mask and somewhere along the way he had lost the mask to Sin Cara and he has come to reclaim his pride. This storyline would last a while eventually bringing Hunico into the mix with Epico and Hunico standing up against Sin Cara. Maybe during the three pay per views between Survivor Series and Wrestlemania have Sin Cara (Negro) come back with a slightly different mask, of course. Also, Epico and Hunico could beat Sin Cara (original) each regaining masks. Somehow along the way the two Sin Caras bury the hatchet and decide to take it to these the other two because they dont have respect for the lucha libre history or culture. This whole thing would peak at Wrestlemania with the return of Rey Mysterio. He would be the peace bringer in the whole situation and would create the luchador stable as the mentor for these "new guys" even though Sin Cara has quite the following already.The one thing that the WWE needs to make sure is that this does not start to look like they are following TNA's lead with having a Mexican based group. But, I think if done correctly, the Lucha Libre group would look totally different. 

Where does TNA go with Fortune in order to have enough heat to build until Against All Odds?

Tactix: I think I've covered this one pretty well, but I believe we really need to see Roode's viciousness and maliciousness shine through. He needs to looks menacing in order to bring Kazarian into the mix, but it HAS to be slowly done or else the surprise behind it will be lost. If Storm becomes the challenger for the big title this month and Roode retains, I would give Daniels the next shot, since he beat RVD and 'earned' it. This would put so much pressure on AJ since he'd lost out on his title opportunity without it being his fault. I would do a run-in finish by AJ on Roode to give Daniels his first run as World Champion. With this much chaos in the ranks, Kazarian can't remain silent any longer and a three or four way bout is scheduled for Genesis. This goes to a no contest as everyone comes out to duel at the finish and PRESTO! You have the heat you need to put it all on the line....if it builds higher, you could take it all the way to Lockdown.

TFC: First and foremost they need to drop this stupid screwdriver storyline. I think this could actually end up as a pretty sweet tag team situation if a little imagination is used. You wouldn't have to go away with Roode dropping the heel act either. First of all with AJ Styles being hurt, they need to play that up as he was attacked not just back stage because that has been done before. No, I think to make it seem really interesting while letting AJ make an appearance without having to step into the ring, they should set up a security camera somewhere and show him either getting hit by a car or being jumped by Daniels. While this whole situation is brewing, the feud between Roode and Storm should continue. Roode, though I think was given the belt too early, should now keep it to let TNA keep a little bit of credibility in this issue, but the feud should continue. Some information needs to arise about the inner workings of Fortune and about Beer money. Maybe about how when Beer money first joined fortune while Roode was fighting it, AJ was there supporting Storm. Then Daniels should come to Roode's defense talking about how bad Storme and AJ treated them and how they always wanted to spotlight. This should culminate with a tag team match, but instead of there being a clear winner, all hell needs to break loose and Roode should continue with this heel storyline by turning on Daniels. This would set the stage for a new king of the mountain match where the feud really is brought to an end. 

Before I go any further with ANYTHING, my tag partner and I would like to offer condolences to the Morgan family. Matt Morgan's cousin, a 32 year old police detective, was shot and killed as he was walking a nightclub dancer to her car in Newark, New Jersey. Our most sincere thoughts and prayers are with Matt and his family for the healing to begin sooner than later.

I want to thank TFC for this round, but there IS more coming; I can promise you that. 

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