Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another direction.....

TNA's Fortune feud could not demand anything less than a huge match involving them all. I think we can all agree on that much for certain. The mainstay King of the Mountain gimmick match may well be a good fit to see who is ultimately worthy of holding the big prize, but I'm convinced there'll be at least another month's worth of building this thing to a fever pitch, particularly with AJ's possible ankle sprain.

With that in mind, Final Resolution is next in the PPV line of succession. Do I believe this new or revisited match is the best for that card? Not if I had to choose. If it were me, I would put any brand new gimmick match in February to face off against No Way Out. Against All Odds is a tremendous place to introduce something like that. Since it's something new and contains the bulk of the best top tier talents TNA has to offer, it stands to reason that they wouldn't want to put it up against the Royal Rumble OR Wrestlemania and particularly not in the coming year.

With Crimson, Matt Morgan, and a couple others creeping into the title picture, it seems to me that this window of opportunity could close fast if they don't put some serious heat together to force the feud into the forefront and develop into something culminating into this match at Against All Odds. If ever there was a time to bring Kazarian into the picture, now would be the time as he could put some perspective into the feud and maybe bring more heat to the table by serving as guest referee for the challenger for Final Resolution. That move would DEFINITELY put the Fortune 500 over the top and make it the hands down "Feud of the Year" contender, far overshadowing the PG Rock/Cena feud.

Whatever is on the drawing board for TNA's production and creative teams, this is quite possibly the best time to start watching Impact if you've been away for some time. With some emphasis finally being placed where it needs to be, TNA is bound to get some serious traction to move forward into the new year with some steam behind them.....mark my words.....

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