Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ANYTHING can happen......

The nWo did something that made fans stop and take notice. True or false? True. Turning Hulk Hogan into a heel faction leader was the best decision WCW ever made in the '90's. True or false. Absolutely true. If critics hadn't said WCW wouldn't ever compete head to head with WWE with any sort of success, WCW might not be remembered to this day. When Eric Bischoff helped put together the elements of WCW that brought success to the product, they thought he was a genius.

Two WWF guys (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) who were on the top in their game switched sides and no one called them 'WWF rejects'....I'll never understand why. TNA picks up WWE's highest grossing superstar up to that point in Jeff Hardy (say what you want, Cena fans, Hardy sold more T Shirts at the time) along with Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, Elijah Burke, and all of a sudden they are 'WWE's rejects'. Go figure. Anyhow, back to the subject at hand.....

The nWo was a breakthrough story that changed the rules and made a noise loud enough to break people's routine on Monday Nights. It could have fallen by the wayside, but it didn't and history will always look at WCW differently than they do any other rival promotion WWE has ever had....because they gave Vince a run for his money. TNA has the same opportunity. Are they in a similar place as WCW was in before the nWo? Not quite. WCW had a much longer and richer history. TNA is still VERY young and it may take a few more years before the numbers pick up, but rest assured, TNA is growing and will continue to do so as long as WWE continues to put out a watered down product that is getting more thin on veterans every year.

TNA is on the rise, make no mistake. The fans are beginning to stir and getting out and on the road is bringing in more fans the way WWF used to do things. Why? Because TNA NEEDS the fans and they know it. They need to cater to a serious audience who wants a more serious product than what they're getting. Are there flaws in the product? Absolutely, but that is to be expected in such a young company that celebrates its' 10th birthday next year in April. Going from a weekly PPV to a nationally recognized promotion that is ranking higher than WWE consistently in the UK and Europe in general in less than 10 years is something to take a bit more seriously than calling them a fly by night operation.

My point in all the history and such is that ANYTHING can happen. The fans created an environment where good things could happen. The fans helped create the nWo into an experience. Fans brought Stone Cold Steve Austin to the big dance. The fans created the Attitude Era. Fans created an era of change and fans are creating it again by putting TNA high enough on their priority list of things to watch on Thursday nights to build their promotion into something WWE will one day fear.

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