Monday, November 28, 2011


TNA has been very quiet as of late as to their intentions for the next few weeks' worth of storylines leading up to Final Resolution, which makes me happy on one hand, but it also makes it difficult to speculate where all this is going....particularly with John Morrison potentially entering the mix. My best guess is that TNA management is looking for a place to best pencil him in. One of two things is going to happen, if things don't change, however....

- John Morrison will show up on a live Thursday showing of Impact, which could be done on the fly the day after his contract comes up.

- John Morrison will show up the week before Final Resolution to set up a match for the PPV.

Either of these options is acceptable provided that his entry makes sense and that it has enough merit to make people take notice. This needs to be made into a big deal.

I've merely glanced over the positives of Melina, but let's begin here...she ranks in the top 25 female wrestlers from the PWI Top 50. She has undeniable talent on the mic as well as in ring. Putting her into the Knockouts Division as a face would even out the tables a bit now that the heel to face ratio is a bit heel heavy. Thinking about the PWI rankings brings up another thought. Melina would make TNA's 12th Top 50 female wrestler. Fact is, only one woman in the Knockouts Division isn't ranked....Jackie.

Why do I keep bringing up the PWI Top 50? Because of the respectability of the publication. Pro Wrestling Illustrated has a reputation for choosing talents who can consistently deliver the goods in the ring.

So, with all the hype surrounding Morrison and Melina's departure and free agency, the ball is in their they cross the line? Give it one week and see.....

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