Monday, November 28, 2011

The Chamber......

A columnist from another site I enjoy reading from time to time put together a match I think is an amazing idea.....using the Eric Bischoff creation, The Elimination Chamber. His catch was using six different wrestling federations: AWA, ECW, WCW, WWE, TNA, and ROH. While I enjoy his picks: Shawn Michaels (AWA), Matt Morgan (TNA), Chris Jericho (WCW), Sabu (ECW), HHH (WWE), and Shelton Benjamin (ROH), I'd like to think a couple picks might be better by going with only the current top three organizations, ROH, WWE, and TNA. I say go with a three man selection. Two actual competitors with one enforcer per team as their own personal X Factor. Here are my picks.....

ROH- I like Ring of Honor, though I think they have a ways to go before being legitimate contenders for the second place spot, they have a decent roster. From said roster, I pick their current champion, Davey Richards and one half of the Tag Team Champs, Shelton Benjamin. Both are great athletes and have proven themselves over and over again. I say bring in Kevin Steen as their X Factor.

TNA- Of the class act talents on the TNA roster, I pick the current World Title competitors for Final Resolution, AJ Styles and Bobby Roode. If ever a better X Factor could be found, it MUST be someone like Matt Morgan.

WWE- Out of the entire WWE roster, I feel compelled to pick from their youth crop. From these, I gotta go with Dolph Ziggler (I HATE his name, by the way) and Randy Orton (As much as I dislike him, he's a pretty talented guy). As for their X Factor, I believe Triple H would bring something interesting to the party.

On the surface, this is something special....something that promises to be a guaranteed match of the decade competitor. In this column, I'm gonna do something else as well. I'm going to put together another three person team, this time Knockouts vs. Divas. I ONLY will use active performers...that being said.....

WWE- Natalya and Beth Phoenix are locks, but their final member is strictly for looks....Kelly Kelly.

TNA- Since this is a match of the best, Mickie James and Tara are my first and foremost and my beauty of the pack is none other than Velvet Sky.

Since TNA's Knockouts are second to none, I pick Knockouts to win, no matter what as the numbers game will take out Kelly Kelly right off the bat and then go to work on the other two.

This game of fantasy matchup is fun, but not without feeling as though I've neglected some of the other great candidates the industry has to offer. To that end, I humbly give credit to every athlete from each of the rosters as they all do a tremendous job showcasing their respective organizations.

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