Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Explaining the Mystery....Part 3. Elsewhere

With outside rants left outside, I would like to discuss something I'm surprised no one brought up.....the Knockouts Tag Titles have changed hands. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are the new champions. I love the combination, I'll admit it. Fact is, the more emphasis the Knockouts Tag Titles are fought over, the more I'll believe them to be an integral part of the company. A title change is a welcome way to put the belt over....provided it ends up in the hands of someone who can make it compelling to go after. Gail Kim is a very good way to start.

The X Division is doing quite well again, with more than a one on one match up scheduled for Turning Point, it looks like a strong match. I won't spoil the match right now, as these contenders are truly among the best performers in the company right now. Austin Aries is the single best all around X Division performer on the roster as he can cut promos, work as a heel OR face convincingly, and make the division look credible to boot. Count on Turning Point's X Division match to put a boost on the title.

With something being done in regards to the TV Title between Eric Young and Rob Terry, it's beginning to look like suggestions are being taken to heart. I wish I could take some credit, but I'd be lying to say I'm not thrilled to see things falling into place more and more like the machine I know they have the ability to be.

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