Monday, November 14, 2011

Fallout....Part 1. Top half

Before I launch in on this column, let me say THANK YOU FOR CROWNING A NEW TV CHAMP!!!!! Robbie E. is quite possibly the best transitional champion for this belt as he will give it a shred of dignity and defend it.

Now....on to the matches....

Robbie and his minion, Big Terry are a pretty good match, in my humble opinion. Why? Because if TNA has aspirations for the TV Title, adversity in the numbers game for anyone challenging for it is the way to go about it. My first pick as his ultimate challenger? Crimson. Put him in there once his feud with Matt Morgan has run its course. In the meantime, give a couple of other guys some TV time. Put in Anthony Neese, Gunner, Daniels, or even Kazarian. Sure, I'd love to see Kaz gunning for the big belt, but I believe if TNA wants to restore honor to the title that AJ Styles once held, they need stars with accolades running to claim it. Kaz has a title history, as does Daniels and Gunner.

I would rather not refer to the Tag Team Division until the belts have abandoned Mexican America, but I would be overjoyed, if Hernandez IS NOT going to be re-signed, if they would replace him with Chavo Guerrero as I have stated before. He can be a mouthpiece for the team and his legacy speaks volumes for the Tag Team Divisions he's worked for.

Having said that, if TNA really wants to keep the straps on Mexican America, put them up against someone who can be a legitimate threat to the titles. Reunite the Motor City Machine Guns and team them with Tessmacher and Tara to even up the odds. I'm just tossing out options here..... bring in Pope and Devon and use them to initiate a debut. Fact is, Ink Inc. CANNOT create a believable feud and it's bringing down the division as a result. I can only believe TNA is biding their time before bringing back the Guns or another equally iconic tag team unit to match Mexican America pound for pound.

I do have a question.....why is Abyss playing the part of Kane? I mean, no selling a table spot is pretty substantial to a match like this. With he and Anderson taking the win, I'm not sure I know where they can take him as a face to Bully Ray's heel persona. I suppose a movie title from a couple of years back might shed some light...."There Will Be Blood."

How about that X Division, huh? I'd say things are getting even better as Austin Aries can make the belt hotter and harder to keep around his waist. TNA did some pretty phenomenal booking on the PPV with as much as I've covered thusfar. They gave the X Division some time to work out a proper three way bout and it came out looking terrific. Funny how it tends to work out that way.

You know more is coming, but in the break, I'd like to give some props to the writing team for Turning Point. I've been very impressed with the decisions being made here. Good logical sense. TNA needs that focus in order to make a strong product. For the first half, I'd say this may end up as a candidate for PPV of the year for them.

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