Monday, November 14, 2011

Fallout....Part 2. The End

With very little to say about RVD vs. Daniels, I'll say say RVD won and leave it at that. Daniels seems to have very little purpose in the climate of Fortune's pending implosion. This thing could go anywhere in the course of the coming weeks, I suppose we shall just wait and see....

I was very much looking forward to Crimson and Morgan's battle and I wasn't disappointed as the two fought and fought and in spite of referee interference, fought to a double DQ. This is developing into a full on, honest to goodness, blood feud right in front of my very eyes and I am LOVING every minute of the action they are a part of. I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I hope this carries on another month and brings on the debut of Chris Masters. I would love to see Masters interfere on Morgan's behalf to form a tag team, while Crimson; wanting to win gold, makes a run for the TV Title.

I know I've mentioned this before, but Karen Jarrett is REALLY getting under my skin and I can't wait for the day Traci has had enough and works Karen like a day job in the middle of the ring. Her interferences and shenanigans are ruining one of my favorite divisions TNA has to offer. Even so, Gail Kim's victory brings Traci the potential for more trouble than she's prepared to deal with on her own. To that end, I predict for you all that she'll talk to Sting about him finding her an enforcer to look after her best interests.

On the Jarrett note, I thought the three-time match restart between Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett was BRILLIANT!!!! It gave Jeff Hardy a rocket boost into whatever the future may hold for him. I was awed each time Jarrett had the match restarted and cheered each time Hardy got the three count for the win. I'm looking forward to Thursday's Impact.

So....just as I thought, AJ lost. I had the feeling Roode was going to complete the heel turn and take out AJ in a good, well paced match and if any critics have something negative to say about the finish, I want to remind them that that's how heels win matches....via cheatfall. Roode has a lot to answer for going into Thursday's tapings tonight. But don't worry, I won't spoil it this time....there is too much to look forward to. A VERY strong showing for TNA this month.

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