Sunday, November 27, 2011

For Shame.....

I've been doing some investigative work here. I wanted to get down to the bottom of all the discord, all the discontent; all of the malice and contempt. I've sought these things for the past few days and it's becoming clear to me that WWE is going out of their way to piss off former employees and fans. Now, I don't use my words flippantly....seriously. It'd be one thing for WWE to mention horrible gimmicks that didn't work and just let that be that, but they said on their own website that Kizarny and Vito were two of the biggest turkeys to ever step into the ring....really?!

Now keep in mind that all this rides on the coattails of the "Future Endeavored" T-shirts based on their 'you're fired' press releases whenever they do spring cleaning or let someone go who is ruffling feathers of the guys they want to keep. I just don't get it, Vince. Are you really thinking this is a good idea? Let me not be the first nor last to say this to you, WWE.....this is not the kind of controversy you want to be spreading around. You alienate fans of these performers who now perform on the private sector. Eric Bischoff says that 'Controversy creates cash'......and it does. Here's the problem: some controversy just creates complication and misunderstanding. In this case, however, it goes beyond misunderstanding into being cruel.

Cherry, Kizarny, Vito, and a host of talents have every right to be upset. They were misused, undervalued, and even disgraced on their exit from the company. When they joined the Future Endeavors Club, they entered into something that columnists like myself are beginning to understand as the Pit. This is the place where WWE buries their failed plans, storylines, characters, and sometimes; their performers.

Thankfully, there is another company to wipe the mire from a tarnished character (i.e. Elijah Burke and Matt Morgan) and give another place to air frustrations (see Rhino's burning of the ECW TV Title; the debut of Team 3D in their "TRADEMARK THIS!" T shirts) and rise above (see also Mr. Anderson wins the TNA World Heavyweight Title).

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