Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jo Mo No 'Mo....

It's now official. John Morrison's initial contract is up. He's signed an extension that lasts until the end of the month, but then it's up to him. His match at Survivor Series was a farce to get Zack Ryder over and Dolph Ziggler another win. TNA has this chance to make contact and, I am guessing the feelers have already been sent out. Having worked with Eric Bischoff in his stint as Johnny Nitro, I'm going to go out on a ledge and say it'll be easy to get into the groove of being showcased the way he was meant to in the first place and not with a second rate ECW World Title that was doomed to failure to begin with.

The only reasonable thing to do is send him in from the crowd to either defend Jeff Hardy or as aide to Jesse Sorensen. I'd LOVE to see Morrison and Sorenson vs. Aries and Kid Kash.

In a twist of other WWE news, the Miz and Truth tag team was broken up due to another violation of the wellness policy. Ron Killings, or R-Truth has been suspended for 30 days and that is explained by the beatdown this Monday on RAW.

In what is the single piece of WWE news outside of contract expirations that interests me, a vignette on RAW has my curiosity piqued.....

This is HUGE. Kane is the Zack Ryder of the Attitude Era. How? Vince has tried and tried and tried to kill the big red machine for YEARS. He's done everything possible to bury him: given him the short end of the stick in every encounter with The Undertaker, the Katie Vick story ( look it up), and the shortest title reign in history. The fans will simply not allow their hero to die. And to bring back one of the best pieces of the character, his mask, is something long overdue.

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