Sunday, November 13, 2011

Judgment Day......

With the battle set to begin this evening, I think it best to put a few thoughts here.....there is at least one more debut in the works and you can bet it's coming. Now, I won't put any dates on this development, but I WILL say that it comes in the face of current storylines and will make complete sense, which is something real wrestling fans will appreciate.

Note: The current VP of the Knockouts Division is facing some adversity as Velvet Sky won't make her match easy on Gail. Before too long, the faces will need some backup lest the balance becomes undone. Having said that, there are a couple of recently freed contracts I can think of that might be able to restore the balance of power.....

Additionally, there has been little news as of yet on the status of the four most recent 90 day restriction clause former WWE employees. No news sometimes means good news. A good portion of the world had no clue Christian was coming before walking out at Genesis 2005. Likewise, no one saw Jeff Hardy coming until he returned at Impact on the January 4th live show in 2010. It goes like this, a good storyline allows for debuts and returns in order to restore order or to offset the powers in control. In the climate we, as fans, are facing, there is a good chance another name will cross the line either at Turning Point, or before Final Resolution. Keep this under your hat.

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