Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last Call....199

The title of this post is not without a hint at a couple of TNA's options for this Sunday's PPV.  If I had to be in a spot like this as a booker, I'd be coming up with a storyline to launch RIGHT NOW. If AJ Styles is legitimately injured, there's no need to hide it, but rather write around it. Seriously. Bring Sting out to announce the situation here. Sure, it sucks that the people won't be getting AJ vs. Roode, but they may be treated to something almost as good, a bigger build to a blowout match featuring the entire stable.

As usual, I've got some ideas. Let's just say AJ is written out via attack backstage and there are no witnesses. With this, we explore only one thing.....who did it? The first two suspects should be obvious. Daniels, James Storm, but THE third- in my eyes- is Bobby Roode. I say we put some leg work into this one, eh? (Team Canada reference) Let's look at how well this would work with each candidate.....

- Daniels......With the current screwdriver storyline, which I find to be absolutely ridiculous by the way, this is a possibility, but for the attack, I don't see Daniels in it with RVD as an enforcer of sorts. No vote from me here.

- James Storm.....He lost the belt AND his rematch due to the same kind of attack backstage (Sorry about the spoiler). This is a real possibility and, quite frankly, a good one. I LOVE this idea. Storm and revenge for robbing him of the title that was rightfully makes the title seem important. Take some notes, WWE.....titles are important.

- Bobby Roode.....We know he's made the turn and now is a heel. Something like this would be in his character now. He's ruthless and calculating, wanting to hold onto his prize with all of his might. I LOVE the way he's coming into his own here. If they write him into it as the attacker, this should push Kazarian over the edge. I can very easily see Kaz replacing Storm OR AJ and taking the fight to Roode, but in a twist of events during the match based entirely in the ring, Kaz comes just short of victory.

This whole unfolding of events over the course of the night could bring the last member of Fortune into the equation. I can very easily see this only building to Final Resolution, if they're not careful, so maybe Storm could take on Roode for this PPV and have Roode retain. I see the potential for one more attack backstage at Final Resolution on the number one contender. Something like that could bring out Kazarian and make the build for a match at Genesis that goes to a no contest due to EVERYONE in the faction brawling. Jeff Hardy comes in to try and help only to get turned on, bringing him into the match at Against All Odds.

The next two columns will be a tag team effort to shed some fresh perspective on the most current news right now. With my having covered in two bits concerning OVW and TNA's exclusive signature with them, we'll leave that alone, but virtually everything else is fair game.....

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