Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lessons Learned....

TNA has been keeping Hogan off of TV to focus all of their attentions on building their Fortune main event scene. I, personally, believe this is a fantastic idea. Hogan being behind the scenes is where he belongs right now. Since his Bound for Glory loss, he needs to have less and less of the spotlight. In fact, I'll go so far as to say his place needs to be at the head of TNA's publicity team, promoting Impact on every outlet they'll let him go on.

I went ahead and watched the highlights of RAW, like I said I would. Out of everything I saw, INCLUDING The Rock's response, which was WAY too long I might add, this was the only thing I liked.....

On another WWE related note, Maryse has been released from her contract, making her the 9th cut from the main roster this year. Vince's love/hate relationship with the Divas Division is really taking its toll and the loss of Maryse, who was beginning to get people caring, is a huge loss, make no mistake. It  would be a great pick up for any company to snap up her and Melina. Between her and Melina, TNA could put together another pairing for the Knockouts Tag Titles or a couple more contenders for the big belt. I'm just saying....

Since John Morrison has been Melina's sig fig (significant figure, for all you chemistry nuts) for quite some time now and since his contract is up in the coming weeks, it may be just as well for Morrison to cross the line as well. Another face to head up the X Division; another contender for the TV Title; another potential World Title face.....the possibilities are....entirely up to him.


  1. Morrison has been doing a lot of jobing too. Might be nice to see him at TNA

  2. I hate wwe for what its doing i hope tna become so popular wwe has to sell to tna dream match fortune vs john cena cmpunk and randy orton for control of the company with aj delivering a styles clash to cena for the win wwe dies forever