Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let's Get Ready to Fly......

With quite a few matches for me to cover, I say we get right into it....

The X Division match on the card is looking VERY interesting to me as they are putting in Jesse Sorensen, who looks quite able to light up the X Title chase. Austin Aries has been a catalyst for what I believe to be a truly great period in this division's history. Every competitor brings something different to the table; Aries brings charisma of character, while Kid Kash brings experience, having been here to the dance; and Jesse brings a young hunger that you can't put a handle on or a cage around. This may be a contender for match of the night if they have the time to pull out the stops.

I know I've covered my feelings for this Jarrett and Hardy feud, but I do have a thought. This might be another good place for Kazarian to make his presence felt as it's his wife who is the assistant to the VP of the Knockouts Division. He, too, has a stake in the outcome of Hardy's comeback PPV match. We may see some kind of interference here, but more than likely, Jarrett has an ace to play (or a guitar).

Daniels and RVD strikes me as the possible sleeper match of the night. It's far enough down the card to not be noticed, but high profile enough to be given some time. Look for this one to put a candle on the night if both men come with their A game. Daniels seems to have the most to gain from a win here, so I predict him as the victor.

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan is such a great matchup and there's not much I can say other than Crimson can use a victory here to continue his build, while at the same time opening another door for the debut of Chris Masters, who TNA would be very wise to snap up while the iron is hot. Putting Morgan and Masters together is a blending of styles worthy of note and should make the Tag Team Division something worthwhile once more. I see Crimson capitalizing here, but Joe lurking in the shadows somewhere.

Lastly, and certainly not the least....AJ vs. Roode. With Styles injured going into the weekend, it'll be interesting to see what TNA plans to do, whether it be writing him out as another victim of an attack or allowing him to compete and having some sort of shenanigans take place to even the odds, but I fully expect a very classy looking heel Bobby Roode to retain here.

I've said before, this looks like a potential powerhouse card, provided there are few botches and lots of time given to the performers and not to the backstage segments and interviews. Only tomorrow will tell how things play out, but this is going to be a good night, make no mistake about it.


  1. I've been a little baffled by the lack of a title change at Bound for Glory, followed by not one but two title changes in a three week period on Impact. However, that being said, I think Roode with the title is a great deal for TNA as they are finally building HOME GROWN TALENT. That's what they needed. I don't really understand why they are having A.J. fight Roode, when Storm never really got a rematch. Oh, well.

    -Wrestler's Way

  2. Let me try to explain AJ in the title picture. TNA is trying to put the entire Fortune stable in a huge main event. When Roode turned heel, the only other babyface left in the stable who could bring another heel into the feud was AJ. His presence could automatically bring Daniels into the picture. RVD may have stunted the progress of the story, but that is only to allow this thing to truly blossom. While I still believe Kazarian is the key to things exploding into the main stage, TNA wants to hold off until WWE has an event they won't have to divide the audience to contend with. February is their best bet and they know that. Final Resolution is too soon and Lockdown is too far away. Against All Odds is what they're going to be shooting for....count on that.