Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Loss and Gain Effect.....

I've been vocal in months past about my support for the work and contributions of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, very vocal. Having said that, I would like to run another fantasy draft for you all. Barring the management members of the TNA product:

If I could replace as many members of the TNA roster as I wish or relegate them to other tasks , where I begin?

- I don't know how many readers here know that Abyss is a member of the TNA team of writers, but I would pull him from the ring and only use him perhaps twice per year, much like WWE is doing with the Undertaker these days. Keeping him as a writer seems like a decent trade-off because they need wrestling people and he seems to have some very good ideas.

- Christy Hemme needs her pay cut. Seriously. She is getting FAR more than any other Knockout on the ENTIRE roster. If that means she decides to hit the bricks, I say good bye and good riddance. It frees up money that can be used elsewhere.

- Hernandez. I would release this guy because a.) he has no charisma and it makes me not care about him. I feel bad about not caring, but Anarquia seems to have things together more. Replacing Hernandez would be Chavo Guerrero. He can talk. He can work. He can sell.

- Jackie Moore. TNA isn't using her on TV and hasn't since last month. Simple as that. Replacing her would be Melina, who is ready to come to the plate. My warning, however, is to beware of backstage drama as Melina has stirred up more than her share in WWE and a repeat offense could only jeopardize the progress made in the division. Bringing back Shelly Martinez might not be a bad idea either.

- Ric Flair. He no longer is serving a purpose in TNA. Immortal is all but dead. His only real allies are Eric Bischoff and Gunner, neither of which is a compelling reason to keep him on the roster, where he bleeds a half a million per year from the company. A cool 3/4 of a million dollars is what TNA would save by cutting pay for Christy Hemme and cutting Flair loose. Bring in John Morrison. He isn't a replacement on his storyline, but Bischoff doesn't need any more help than Gunner as his aide.

- Robbie E. has got to go. I've NEVER been a fan. From the beginning, I never got it. I could never get behind him the way the internet fanbase has gotten behind Zack Ryder. My question for Robbie is, can he be repackaged and reintroduced as another character down the line? With the right look, he very DEFINITELY could.

- Replace Karen Jarrett and GET HER OFF MY TV!!!!!! Traci Brooks is much less abrasive. She's an experienced Knockout, who can hold her own in ring.

The run down goes a bit like this....
On the way out or reassigned:
Karen Jarrett
Robbie E.
Jackie Moore
Ric Flair

On the way in:
John Morrison
Shelly Martinez

This was simple, cut a few and hire three. If TNA uses everyone else on their roster, they have PLENTY of members to create new stories for years to come.


  1. What do you think about the possibility of TNA dropping Christy Hemme and bringing back David Penzer as their ring announcer? I always felt that Penzer was one of the best in the business and when TNA cut him and replaced him with Hemme, some of the excitement was cut as well. I was a Nitro fan back in the day, and hearing "Ladies and Gentlemen the next contest...." read so quickly as the competitor was walking to the ring always gave me goosebumps and added to the nostalgia factor. I think that since TNA is gaining and gaining in the ratings war, that David Penzer is the next logical step for iMPACT!. What do you think?


  2. Two things have me hesitant to say 'yes' to Penzer. First, the way he was released. He was released after being legitimately injured at a taping by Kurt Angle. Second, his tenure with WCW as well as TNA would give him leverage to demand a higher salary due to sheer experience. Granted, Christy Hemme is still a bit green, but she's beginning to remind me of Lillian Garcia. I like her as a backstage personality and her chemistry with Anderson is almost the way The Rock was with Lillian or Cena was with Maria....it's like comedy gold without even trying. My hunch is that Hemme would take the pay cut willingly provided she had the option and it allowed the other Knockouts to get paid more.