Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'm not going to waste any time today getting into the bulk of this column because there is so much to talk about....

First, one thing I would like to bring up is something I never thought I'd think....I'm actually sorry I don't see Garrett Bischoff vs. Eric on the card. Seriously. I know, I know; I probably shouldn't think that, but I am actually legitimately impressed with this story....and I like it for a couple of reasons.

1. It makes sense. The only other family squabbles we've seen in the past decade have come between Vince and Shane and, let's face it folks, those have not been the best planned out feuds. They've hinged on 'daddy cheating on mommy' and the like. Do what you wish to defend it, but Vince vs. Shane NEVER had as much at stake or the clean, tangle-less build as this.

2. Garrett isn't a terrible performer. In my opinion, with some in-ring training, he could be a straight up legitimate part of the roster. I'll be the first to admit it; I wasn't crazy about the notion of another daddy vs. junior feud, but this one isn't as bad as some critics try to get people believing.

As for what is ACTUALLY ON the card.....there are a couple of matches that come across as meaningless to me and I'll tell you why: the competitors are having difficulty making me believe the feuds to be important enough to devote a match to. There is no compelling reason for the two parties in question to be in battle.....Mexican America vs. Ink Inc., Eric Young vs. Robbie E., and Anderson/Abyss vs. Ray/Steiner. If anything, these guys should get together after work and play a pick up game of basketball or darts.....not go into battle with teeth bared and claws unsheathed. Checkers, not chains; Chutes and Ladders, not Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

 TNA needs another tag team to generate some worth for the title once again. I want Devon and Pope. I want Matt Morgan and a debuting Chris Masters. I want something more than what I'm seeing in the tag division right now. Ink Inc. vs. Mexican America was an embarrassment the last outing at Bound for Glory and I feel quite strongly that this match will not be any better unless some changes are made. Enough said.

The TV Title is being treated like a prop; a figurehead, as it were. I can't take Eric Young seriously as the champion of a belt without credibility. Draping it over the shoulder of a guy like Matt Morgan or Crimson or just about anyone else on the card would give the belt IMMEDIATE drawing power just by being defended. Had this title been given a legitimate run as something worth fighting for, I might feel differently, but with Eric Young having held the belt for over 6 months, I really don't care.

The hodge podge that is Steiner/Ray vs. Anderson/Abyss is, without pun, abysmal. Anderson and Ray had their battle, and a great one, I might add, but after the dust settled, Anderson won....let it be. This wastes my time, not going to sugar coat this.

As for the beginning of the matches I want to see.....Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim. A first title reign vs. THE first title reign. It's a winner right out of the gate for me. Velvet has a lot to gain from winning this round of battle. I say keep the strap on the face and build for the time to FINALLY get Traci into the role of Vice President to replace an ousted Jarrett. With this match, I say bring in Madison Rayne to cause a distraction and then debut Melina as the enforcer hired by Traci to aid Velvet in the event Madison should get involved.

So much more to little space in which to write. Oh well. Keep the dial tuned in, I'll be back for the me.

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