Wednesday, November 2, 2011


There has been talk going around about TNA looking to re-evaluate their travel schedule once tapings are done for the year. Some believe TNA's numbers aren't good enough to maintain the cost of traveling the country with live and taped shows and would rather retreat back to the Impact Zone in Orlando to regroup until such time they believe it will be worth their while.

Eric Bischoff, whom I have praised many times for disagreeing with that position, still believes road travel will build the company up by introducing the product to new fans. I happen to believe TNA, despite critic backlash, is on the verge of a popularity surge. I've said before that all they need is one good story to put them over the top and putting Fortune right in the limelight is the best idea yet. All five members have a personal stamp to put on the push and allowing the matches to speak for themselves will silence those critics, or at least take them aback.

My personal opinion is that they've done right by the fans in their attempts to move the show around, but I do get the feeling that they might need to scale down just a bit. I love the spirit of doing tapings elsewhere, but in order to compete with Vince and company, two shows per week with one house show between would be PLENTY. My suggestion? Go live with Impact once per month. The best explanation for this would be to cut down on the number of spoilers put over the internet. I will grant that it would make my job of speculation a bit more complicated, but I would welcome the challenge of bringing columns into this blog blind.

Of course, I AM operating under the idea that TNA is in the process of putting together another show to put more talents on display who don't ordinarily get the TV time on Impact. In addition to the second television program, I do refer to one house show per week. I make no bones about this.....150-155 days of work per year appeals to most performers.

Most of the talents acquired by TNA from WWE's talent roster saw a good thing in this schedule. I ask all of you this.....can you blame them? With WWE working their talents into early retirement (Edge), painkiller addiction (Kurt Angle, among a long list of others), and voluntary exile (Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, and Lita), TNA has become a second start; a place where performers can recover or renew the characters tarnished by WWE's faulty creative team (Matt Morgan, Christian, and Pope Dinero).

Say what you will about TNA using WWE's cast-offs. They are better off than they were with their former employers with very few examples to the contrary. I realize I have gone off on a rant, but the fact of the matter is that the top brass in TNA are putting some good effort into creating opportunities for the bulk of the roster. All that is needed to make the difference is time.

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