Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Necessity is....."

"....the mother of invention."

Before I begin the brainstorm, there is a bit of bad news. At a recent house show, AJ Styles injured his ankle. His tweet the day after said that he wasn't sure he'd be ready come Turning Point. This puts some HEAVY pressure on TNA officials to find either a way to write it into the storyline, which should be easy enough, or to write out a DQ finish that would be big enough not to cause much disappointment with the fans in the Zone.

Now we come to the fun part....bringing the brainstorm right here. I suppose the best place to begin is to find out how many people to include in the gimmick match. I say we go with 6, just as a primed and ready example. Then we need to decide from one of two options.....either we alter the ring with a structure or we add stipulations without one.

With any cage match, you run into a problem of time and space. With 6 men in a cage at once, it could take forever to crown a winner. So you'd have to regulate how many men are in the cage at one time. That was the way of the Elimination Chamber. It provided a solution to all of the factors. Time, number of guys in at one time, provided an added weapon; the apron area, replaced by the chamber floor grating. Every problem solved.

Now the use of outside objects made Full Metal Mayhem and TLC great matches to watch and showcased 6 guys in the beginning. The difference here is that it needs to be innovative. With so many ladder type matches, King of the Mountain stands out as the original one here.

What can TNA do to combine a cage with ladders? One solution is to construct a cage that extends all the way to the barricades surrounding the ring. Allow access to the areas underneath the ring. By extending the cage that far, it gives a cameraman the ability to get in and work the match and eliminating the camera hole in the other cage matches TNA puts on. In addition to putting the emphasis on getting the prize, it also give room to work the match and prevents outside interference. Again, the dilemma of timing is key here, but with enough cut back in the way of promos and backstage segments to make room, I doubt very much it'd be a big problem. Give that a shot. Lemme know what you think.

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