Saturday, November 5, 2011


In the coming days, I'm going to present a few things, some of which will be speculation. Tomorrow's subject and the reason I've taken so long to post.....brainstorming a brand new gimmick match. Further, I'm collaborating with a blogging colleague to bring a second perspective to some of the most current subjects in the wrestling business today. We'll cover John Morrison's future, Fortune's place on the TNA roster, Rock/ Cena vs. Miz/ Truth at Survivor Series, and the 90 no compete clause expirations for a few of WWE's most recent releases.

In the arena of this site, I'm also in process of working out a TNA Enforcer logo to serve as a banner here, to further improve the look. I am completely open to suggestions and would welcome any help you guys can offer.

I appreciate your patience as you guys are the biggest reason I do this. Thanks again for stopping in.

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