Monday, November 21, 2011

The Status Quo....

So The Rock turned on Cena, just as I knew he would. Cena becomes the "good guy" and The Rock plays the "bad guy" in WWE's newly christened "Entertainment Era" as per their website. So the status quo remains unchanged and TNA is the new face of the unpredictable or at least the place where change is being seen from week to week. In a column earlier I gave WWE the recipe for success in booking out the next few months leading up to Wrestlemania, but WWE ignored the warnings and advice and kept right on marching....

So this is what we're left with in WWE: a worn, tired, old company with very few original ideas left. Fact is, they even let go of a potential gold mine in John Morrison. I knew he would lose if his renewal wasn't imminent, but even though it doesn't renew there, his character does get a fresh breath of life, just somewhere else.....right? If TNA gets their hands on that raw talent and he pairs up with someone familiar....say Jeff Hardy? Maybe Pope? Some of the storylines write themselves, continuing feuds begun in WWE, but renewed on new battlegrounds. My final debut prediction for the year? Yep....John Morrison.

With Morrison in TNA, provided a contract is offered, a possible wrinkle begins to show. What about Melina? Would she decide to join up if John does? Rather than speculate, I can only hope she'll make the decision right for her.

TNA's decision day has come and there are a number to talents ripe for the picking and I do hope they pick what talents will benefit the entire roster and not just for a few simple matches before they are dispatched. IF the boys from the South decide it'd be best to hire Morrison, what do you suppose the WWE marks are going to say...."TNA is full of WWE rejects." How about this....TNA is full of WWE oppression and burial victims.

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