Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Survivor Series? No thanks....

Of the six matches booked for Survivor Series, there are two I'd like to talk about that are ruining the card....The Rock's return match and the US Title match.

Mick Foley is trying to insert himself into the Cena/Rock vs. Miz/Truth match as the matches' special guest referee. If WWE goes for this, it'll be the single most lopsided PPV in the recent decade. With a main event clogged with bigger stars, the undercard is threatened. How, you might ask? With so many of, what WWE considers to be, megastars in the match, the undercard stands to lose time to make their matches worth the time they are given. If you consider that The Rock, John Cena, AND possibly Mick Foley coming down to their own entrances AND playing to the crowd, you're looking at anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes of wasted time....and that's time NOT wrestling. It also further complicates any sort of turn for Cena, lightening it, if he should turn at all. Foley's presence would make it so The Rock could get screwed without ever involving Cena. It's as if WWE is trying to shaft the fans....and they are STILL going to buy it. Why? Because the Attitude Era fans want to see The Rock and the younger fans want to figure out who The Rock is.

Dolph Ziggler is set to defend his US Title this Sunday. While his opponent was SUPPOSED to be Zack Ryder, it's now going to be John Morrison. Why? For those who don't know, John Morrison's contract expires at the end of the month. If I had to make a guess, I would say they are wanting to bury him one last time before sending him packing. Zack Ryder could do a run in post match, or Ziggler could make him look like a total chump. Whatever the case, if Morrison IS leaving, expect him to lose and lose big.

Survivor Series is a platform upon which WWE has always put emphasis on those they are wanting to push. Mason Ryan is one performer that, sources within WWE are saying doesn't deserve the push he is getting. Comparisons to Batista roam free and it becomes obvious as to why they are pushing him. Admittedly, he isn't as talented as the Animal, but given time and tutelage under a man with credentials like Kane or Taker or even Triple H, he could quite easily succeed. There are some on the roster who envy his position, but few dare to question the voices in authority for fear of being "future endeavored".

That leads me to one last thing. WWE has released a T-shirt for Laurinitus with the words "Future Endeavored" on the front. This shirt has caused some SERIOUS backlash (NO, WWE!). Former Diva Cherry, who debuted as a valet for the tag team Deuce and Domino had the following to say....

"I have 2 say that t new "Future Endeavor" tshirt is pretty hurtful for me at least! A lot of dreams were crushed w that statement. Not cool"

Other talents have expressed similar sentiments as Vince continues to alienate former employees. The problem is that without enough public support for promotions like Ring of Honor and TNA, some of those same performers will be left with little choice but to return to WWE and take the abuses they signed on the dotted line for.

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