Friday, November 4, 2011

TNA's Diamond.....Kurt Angle

I've been looking over figures here. A piece written by another blogger brought up a very interesting point. I've gone over numbers, waded through pages, performed some very simple mathematics and found it to be absolutely true. Let me toss out some numbers and add to the mystique of this column, dedicated to TNA's most decorated star, Kurt Angle.

2000- Kurt Angle's debut year in the PWI Top 500 rankings.    18- His rank in that year.

11- The number of years he has been ranked in the top 500.     1- His highest rank; 2001.

36- His lowest rank; 2004       3.142- Career average monthly ranking.

9.33- Career average yearly rank.

ZERO- Number of times in 11 years he hasn't been ranked.

If anyone would like to call Mr. Angle a WWE reject, I consult the above evidence to place on his behalf. Tack on his list of titles, 18 in all from virtually every place he ever competed and you have a profile for professional wrestling's most complete performer still competing today.

I called him the best man to put the young stars on top because he can still go. His accolades give a rising star some automatic street credibility if they can put down a W in the win column against him. Even a loss is of use if the competition is grueling enough and given the time to sell. The long and short is....he can make a nobody look like a million bucks.

People can say whatever they want about WWE's Top 50 Greatest Wrestlers. Politics determined that ranking, where Angle rated 24th. The fact of the matter is, his rank among the top performers across the boards in the type of promotion is unparalleled and will not be touched. Ever.

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