Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Train of the Mundane.....

I've been wading the news desks and panning the landscape and I am having some pretty desperately horrible times finding things exciting to talk about on WWE's side of things. Vince is making this VERY difficult for his fans, critics included. I'm beginning to just see the silence filled with things already said about his product.

Right now, everyone is getting anxious to see what is coming that'll shock the wrestling world back to life and Vince, it seems, isn't doing it. I think TNA would be doing it if they had been working live on Thursdays or Tuesdays, but I digress. TNA has been doing things right, as far as I'm concerned. One critic said that they pulled the trigger on the Roode/ Storm feud too soon. My response......Nope. They did things the way they did in order to bring in the rest of the stable to try and salvage something that is going to be in the main event down the road. Mark my words, guys. This feud is going to be HUGE.

The way Vince has been building things, unless my predictions from a couple of days back come true, Fortune is going to be the thing to watch in the wrestling world as a whole. I hear a few Ring of Honor people in the distance and, to be fair, Jim Cornette has done some good things with their product, but unless they can put together a higher quality televised product that's readily available, their days are going to be little more than a blip on the radar.

Turning Point and Survivor Series are on the way and whichever one pulls out a surprise may just make the difference and put a seal on the next few months as the front runner. As per usual, my money is on TNA as they are seemingly the company with the focus on making a story compelling. Say what you want about the Bischoff feud, but it makes sense. Try comparing that to Michael Cole's challenge, I dare you.

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