Wednesday, November 30, 2011


With WWE and TNA in deadlock with the storylines they have going on right now, WWE is grasping at straws. Their cryptic vignettes about January 2nd have been met with multiple conflicting rumors. PWI's insider reports that the vignettes are being run for the return of Chris Jericho. Certainly this would be good news for the Red and Blue brand products, but since talks, up to now, have fallen through, WWE's optimism may not pay off for the return of Y2J.

The Wrestling Observer reports that the vignettes are formulated for the return of The Undertaker. And even though it could be used as a reasonable alternative to Jericho, The Deadman's return, however, brings its own share of problems. Who would his target be to feud with until the event where the Streak is on the line? Why would he be coming back as a force to punish? Unless his target is Mark Henry, whom WWE has plans to turn face anyway, it may determine how long his heel run may last.

While these reports point to one established talent, other sources say WWE could use them to introduce someone new with MASSIVE fanfare and push. If talks ultimate run to stalemate and Jericho cannot be pulled from his busy-ness; if it doesn't make sense to WWE to bring in The Undertaker with these vignettes; if no one new can be found to fit the bill for these promos; WWE may be in for a very hard road to Wrestlemania. As it stands, Cena is still a face, but could be entering a slow burn heel turn, which is a VERY long time coming. CM Punk and Del Rio are not selling the card the way they were expecting and the various divisions outside the title picture are crumbling. All does not bode well.

Meanwhile, TNA's Tag Team Division woes are beginning to lighten with Pope and Devon joining the fray, Ink Inc still intact, and Mexican America with every member still under contract. With the inclusion of Matt Morgan and Crimson leading the pack, TNA, it seems has put a patch on the leaky division, but, admittedly, they need more players to fight for the Tag Team Division gold. Another light is on the horizon though, as an injured star on the roster is almost mended; promising a return of one of TNA's best tag teams in their history, The Motor City Machine Guns.

The X Division may be on the verge of another breakthrough as John Morrison's contract with WWE is now over. Another player there, perhaps, combined with the talents of Aries, Kendrick, Sorensen, Kash, and Anthony Nese and Zema Ion on reserve, may create a new resurgence of the division still in process of being rebuilt.

The Knockouts Division is also facing a regime change as Karen Jarrett's reign as VP of the division will be challenged in the coming months. The influx of another Knockout to join the ranks as Jackie's contract has now expired only proves that TNA is getting geared to make a new run as the dominant force in women's wrestling.

The weeks ahead will determine what WWE has in store for their fans, whether fanfare or failure in waiting. I genuinely hope WWE's promises of a new future leave behind the present they are dragging behind them right now.

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