Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Walls of Jericho....

Chris Jericho has popped onto my radar once again. I had thought he'd all but vanished from the professional wrestling scene, but he still keeps making his rounds on the media to give his thoughts on the state of wrestling as a whole and where it's all headed. While he continues to hold that he's not coming back....I think we all know better.

In recent days, vignettes have been released, suggesting that "it begins....", and even though initial talks stalled between Vince's representatives, Vince is wanting Jericho back to try and bulk up the ratings going into this year's Wrestlemania. In my opinion, Vince is thinking too short term. Once the smoke from the fanfare or chaos resulting almost certainly in The Rock losing at Wrestlemania has cleared, there is simply a wide open space filled with......nothing. The vignettes have been hinting at Jericho as he always returns with bravado and flair, but with talks not going as well as planned, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not he'll return next year if at all.

Think about this, WWE is trying to plan out a Wrestlemania future without The Undertaker as this marks the 20th victim of the Streak. Additionally, there are rumblings that the careers of Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio, Goldust, and William Regal are coming to ends this coming year and even possibly at Wrestlemania. Even Christian is up in the air unless his injury affords him a few more years in the ring, but if Edge has taught us anything, it's that time isn't on his side.....or WWE's.

Losses of veterans on the WWE roster is going to cost them dearly. The Rock isn't going to stick around and even if he endorses Cena upon his leaving, the fans won't accept it. Meanwhile, in TNA, the list of veterans is resolute and the schedule ensures they will stay that way until the younger portion of the roster can be built into the major players they need to be. Like it or not, TNA is going to grow in the coming year once more and if they can introduce another show as I've predicted they will, WWE may find their audience tuning in to see a Styles Clash rather than an Attitude Adjustment.

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