Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wandering Down the Rabbit Hole.....

The previous column got me thinking about the way the promotions do business as far as it relates to the product we see each week. I've watched ROH, TNA, and as much as I can stomach of WWE and they all have their own personalities and quirks as I would expect, but there is an innate something that separates TNA from the rest. I've heard Jim Cornette gripe and complain about WWE and TNA like he's got some kind of curb on the property of mass appeal; I've heard Paul Heyman talk about the wrestling business as a whole; I've listened to what just about everyone has to say and it convinces me more than ever that NO ONE has it all figured out.

Paul Heyman wanted to come into TNA like Napoleon and fire every performer over the age of 35 or 40 save for one. Jim Cornette had very definite ideas about how TNA should be run and his creative differences with the head writer, at the time Vince Russo, were known far and wide. I may not fully agree with some of the writing of TNA, but there must come a time when creative differences can be negotiated upon and agreed so one can choose the battles more carefully. I, personally, miss Jim Cornette and his creative genius (yes, I do believe he's a genius).

Eric Bischoff has this habit of doing thing just to get under the skin of the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC, for short). I can respect his zeal for controversy, but sometimes controversy creates chaos, not cash. It is important to know the difference. Orlando Jordan should teach him a valuable lesson (look up his debut if you need an example).  I talk about all of these promoters and leave out Vince McMahon....why do you suppose that is? Because he has cut out his most valuable fanbase....the Attitude Era fans, who supported his ventures up until now.

Cornette wants to appeal to a cult fanbase in order to build a following that can match the big dogs.

Heyman relied on that in the days of the original ECW and has similar ideas for any other wrestling venture. His view of the veteran's purpose has changed since his days of ECW.

Bischoff wants to appeal to the casual wrestling fan who can recognize fake and real and does things to blur the lines.

McMahon wants to appeal to people who's bedtime is before RAW is over.

Who's right? I can't answer that conclusively just yet because the war hasn't fully begun....yet.

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