Thursday, November 3, 2011

What it Might Look Like....

I hope you all will bear with me as I've got plenty to cover. Rest assured, though, whatever I miss in this column, I will have another right behind it. Okay, let's get to I mentioned in the last post, TNA has been giving their travel schedule some thought. One Spike official has gone on record praising TNA's performance against sporting events and even mentioned who pitched the idea of traveling tapings (Bischoff and Carter). HOWEVER, to clarify the schedule, they will be taping on the road for the tapings leading up to PPVs and holding the taping after in Orlando. So....3 out of 4 weeks each month will be traveling. thoughts have been about nothing but trying to put together a schedule where TNA could still run on the road with two different televised shows and a house show each week. Here's what I've come up with so far....

Beginning with tapings in Orlando, the same day of tapings for Impact, the new show could be taped before or after, giving the fans another place to get a wrestling fix. WWE used to do this when they shot Sunday Night Heat and Velocity respectively. That gives the necessary personnel access to video equipment without having to set up twice, thus saving money. Doing this would also allow for another live show that week, if they choose to do so.

I realize I've just given two house shows and two taped shows in a week, but with any main event people from Impact only making promos or tag matches, it should keep everyone fresh enough to avoid people getting injured from overexertion. Fact is, the second show could even be replaced by appearances and signings. My point is that they could use the third work day for whatever they choose and still come out ahead. If they taped on Mondays and had one house show on perhaps Wednesday and one on Thursday, each performer would have a three day weekend.

Whatever TNA decides to go with for their schedule, I'm sure will be palatable for the roster, but as I've said before, they need to get more performers out there and over and without more TV time, that won't happen.

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