Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where to Begin....

The more I hear about TNA's move to acquire the services of John Morrison and Melina, the more excited I get at the possibilities. Seriously. Can you imagine the splash it would make on Impact? I'm picturing Melina showing up in a storyline where a three Knockout team is comprised of the Knockouts champion and the Knockouts Tag Team champions. All the titles are on the line and anyone could end up the Knockouts champion and the match goes for 2 pinfalls. The first pinfall determines the Knockouts champion, in which case the last pinfall determines the tag champions.

I'm thinking Velvet Sky, Traci Brooks, and a Mystery partner vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne as Sting overrules Karen Jarrett for the booking of the match. This means that the numbers game, for once, can be shifted in favor of the faces. BAN KAREN FROM RINGSIDE! As for other Knockouts, they get to be lumberjills for the match. Bring out Melina as the mystery partner and, with a look of sheer dread from the back, Karen would know her time as VP is limited.

As for John Morrison....I know what TNA is wanting, which is to put him as the premier attraction of the X Division, and it's a decent enough idea, to be sure, but there is a place that needs desperately to have some credibility thrown behind it....the TV Championship. Putting his face behind that gold would AUTOMATICALLY give some dignity that has been lacking since its creation.

Setting up such a thing would be easy, as would choosing his opponents. First of all, let him win it in his first attempt and bar his previous opponent from a rematch. That should open up the lanes for opponents to be given some opportunities. I want to see guys like Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Petey Williams, and a few other guys on TV again.....can we do something about that? Morrison NEEDS top caliber opponents and Joe, Daniels, RVD, and Mr. Anderson aren't really doing anything right now. Why not put them into a battle over this belt?

I hope TNA has as much fun putting together scenarios as I've had. Morrison is such a versatile talent and, even though his skills on the mic are as of yet a bit raw and green still, putting him into battle with a veteran like Anderson might put him into a better position to learn some valuable skills....making him better able to make a run for the World Title sooner than later.

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  1. I'm pretty ticked that the WWE is treating John Morrison the way they are and letting him fall into obscurity (as far as the WWE is concerned). For them to allow his contract to expire, and write for him the way they did when he was supposedly thought to be the next Shawn Michaels is pretty sad and pathetic. I'm hoping John gets treated better by TnA than Vince treated him.