Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I promised I wouldn't spoil the show. And while I have no intention of breaking my promise, I'm pretty excited about the things I've seen coming. Skeptics will tell you TNA is setting up for another failure, but I'm going to tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. I'm wanting to see where each and every storyline goes, no exceptions. The divisions are getting more than enough time in recent weeks to ply their craft and showcase themselves, which is saying something great for the ability of TNA upper brass to promote their best talents.

Additionally, we are going to be guaranteed a great deal of in ring action in the coming weeks. I've been saying it for months but you can bet on another debut in that time as well. I believe there is something big coming and the Fortune feud is looking to pick up another wrinkle, further walking us down the rabbit hole. THIS is the difference between a PG environment and PG13. That one step up the ratings system allows so much deeper storylines and more intricate detail, rather than simply glancing over a horribly simple story.

Notice how in this entire column, I have yet to mention ANY names or divisions who are going to be getting a bit of an overhaul. I want you guys to share in this, so let me just say that things in TNA are going to be changing from top to bottom of the card. It all makes sense; it all is in line with what has been happening in recent weeks and you won't have to wonder where the changes are coming from; a far cry from where WWE is sitting right now.

I will say one thing, however. I was wrong about a part of my prediction....I'll let you all just watch the show and take note as to where, but I was thinking one story would go somewhere other than it has.

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