Sunday, November 20, 2011

WWE's Twitter.....

Of all the complaints I have against WWE (and the list keeps growing), quite possibly the most recent trend, (yeah, I said it) is there overwhelming plugging of Twitter. Now, I'm not a fan of Twitter, never will be because, quite frankly, any time I spend here online is not likely to get interrupted by anything important and I have plenty to say that won't fit in the box.

I didn't watch the entire three hour episode of RAW. Why? First of all, when confronted with such a horrible first segment, I began to wonder how long the flight to Connecticut was so I could bring the entire TNA Nation with me to storm Vince's front door and take his company by force. After that, I shut it off and went strictly to the highlight reel to discover that YouTube makes it possible to hate WWE even more because you come to realize there was more garbage to fast forward through than you ever could possibly have dreamed.

But the reason I want to talk about most here is the sheer amount of things WWE tried to have trending during their episode. The ironic thing is that despite their most avid attempts, rarely did anything they said during the show actually create trends. I suppose you could attest that to the fact that their target audience is too young to use Twitter and those OLD enough to use it are ALSO old enough to know not to care.

In short, they went out of their way to make me not care about the fact that they have a ppv event this evening. Yeah, I have pay-per-view in lower case because I believe with everything in me that they don't have the writing prowess or the strength of story to capitalize on such an event.

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