Thursday, December 29, 2011


From the looks of things, Angle is getting ready to take his big time off. By that, I mean that his time for preliminaries for the 2012 Olympics is coming up. That being said, as predicted, James Storm will be able to rush forward, back into the title picture once Genesis is over. Additionally, in a match seen tonight, AJ Styles and Kazarian are freed up as well for reasons that will become clear in the next 24 hours. THAT means, the entire Fortune stable save for Daniels is going to be available to feud over the big belt. The question now is whether or not they're going to roll that way.

While my predictions have been fairly spot on so far, there are signs that TNA upper management has some doubts in moving towards such a large match. My concern is that there won't be enough steam in the feud to last beyond Against All Odds if they don't pull the trigger on it. Now, things in this business need to always be in a state of flux, at least where booking is concerned so as to allow some room for change if it's needed. But this feud is something fresh and has some steam left in it if they would simply run it and run it hard. By making each week's consequences more severe, Sting has put this thing into a spot where they can finally put some legs on this this and make it walk tall.

If Jeff Hardy, Kazarian, Daniels, Styles, Storm, and the current champion, Bobby Roode can keep the heat on, there will be plenty of fanfare for a match involving all of them, no matter what the stipulation is.

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