Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best of the Decade....2000-2010

I know that this is a bit late, getting ready to go into 2012. Fact of the matter is, I wasn't around then to put this kind of thing out, so I wanted to do it up the way I would have back then. To that end, I want to throw up my top 7 Wrestlers of the Decade. These are in no particular order, so there are arguments why any one of them could be right on top. I would like to disqualify 2 performers for not being with us the entire time or even a bulk of it. Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Rock and Austin had their decade in the year before and a successful run at that, but in the 2000's they were splotchy, at best. SO without any further ado,

7. Kurt Angle.....His beginning? 1997. He went all the way to 2006 before jumping from the E and COMPLETELY turned TNA on its head the following year, becoming the most successful talent acquisition they ever got their hands on. He makes the list by merit of accolades as well as being one of the best all around performers in the history of the industry.

6. Shawn Michaels.....His return in 2002 is the single best thing to have happened to WWE in the past 10 years. His return forged virtually a completely new career that lasted 8 years. In my eyes, he never missed a step, an opportunity to put someone over, or a chance at a match of the year award. He was a solid worker that WWE misses even now.

5. Eddie Guerrero. I miss this man. I do. He was a true performer in EVERY possible meaning of the word. His presence was undeniable and it didn't matter who he was facing. No matter who it was, you knew that Eddie would make them both look like a million bucks. His pinnacle achievement was realized and capitalized on. He went to the top and stayed there. And so it shall remain.....

4. Chris Jericho.....The very first Undisputed Champion had a debut second to none, a list of good matches longer than Everest is tall, and enough charisma to fill an ocean and drown the entire current WWE roster. I cannot think of a bad match with him in it. I truly can't. Even his second coming debut was epic. NO ONE has EVER....Ech....Ek....EVER had two epic debuts like him.

3. AJ Styles......Why him? He has remained the most faithful, hardworking, forgiving performer on TNA's talent roster. His dedication to making the company better flies in the face of all the critics who have said he should have left and to those of you who still believe that....the joke's on you.

2. John Cena.....He has sold more merchandise for WWE than anyone in recent history. In fact I wil venture that he ranks in the top 5 for highest grossing Superstar of WWE's history. Next....

1. Edge.....More titles than anyone in WWE history. THAT is an accomplishment. He has held more gold for WWE than anyone else.....does that surprise anyone? It certainly did me when I read it with my own eyes. 31 recognized titles and all for WWE. Even the WCW belts count as WWE since they had already acquired the company by that time. His retirement speech was the stuff of legends and was completely off script, making it that much more special.

So that's it, right there. Any questions? You know where to find me......

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